Sex trip 2

Tired of the monotonous work in the office buried alive among a pile of dusty papers and always discontented bosses, your hero decides to give it up and seek funnier earnings. The night city is stuffed with a variety of bright signboards inviting customers. However, not everyone can become a client. You are expected to be smart and break the nasty bans. What’s more, numerous beauties are waiting for you. It feels like they came down from the covers of glossy magazines and they want you.

Don’t overlook hot chicks

Just forget about your complexes and prejudices. You are expected to erase the boundaries of what is actually permitted. This game is for those who not only want but also dare to make their dreams come true.

In Sex Trip 2 you will find a lot of unusual places and poses for sex. Gain experience and become a real macho. However, you shouldn’t merely count on the simple operation of your cock because sometimes you have to use your head. We hope you will cope with it.