House Party

Year of release: 2019
Release Date: 2020/11/24
Genre: ADV, SLG, Sandbox, 3D, Male Hero, Romance, Comedy, Drugs, Corruption, Harassment, Point & click, Multiple endings, All Sex, Big tits, Blowjob, Handjob, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Stripping
Censorship: No Censorship/Available Patch to Remove
Developer/Publisher: eek! llc –
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition Type: In Development
Patches: Not required
Version: v.0.18.2 Stable
Game language (storyline): Multilingual
Interface Language: Multilingual
Scoring Language: English
System requirements (minimum): OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (x32/x64) / CPU: i5 / RAM: 8GB / VRAM: 2GB / HDD: 5GB

We invite you to the Party!

Go on an adventure: discover a world of colorful characters, dynamic plots, and sexy guests who are eager to meet you! Work your wits, make smart decisions, or just take your chances, but beware of Frank! Get into the game! New opportunities and dangers await you behind every choice you make. Maybe you’ll be the great guy and help your guests solve their problems, or maybe you’ll turn into the instigator and cause drama. Get in the game! Behave yourself or be completely unacceptable – the choice is yours. Come on in…the game has already started!
House Party is an interactive 3D adult adventure where your actions can influence the next events and the outcome in a whole range of endings. Every decision you make can lead to a new ending. Ready to put your “game” to the test?
The party’s already in full swing and the guests are having a great time. The only thing missing is YOU. As soon as you walk in, the adventure begins. You have to test your “cunning”, your “eloquence” and your analytical skills as you discover each character’s story through dialogue and “something else”. The odds are on your side… if you play your cards right.

Your interactions with your guests will lead you to a different ending each time you start a new game. The story is in your hands, for it is your actions that determine the game. Moral dilemmas await you, provoking different outcomes and shaping the unfolding of the plot. In House Party, you’ll think through and plan every move.

AND YES, IT’S FUN! It’s a Party, after all, a real one, with that very debauchery. Careful, it’s full of profanity with a ton of nudity, fights, drunken games, alcohol and sex. You’re not being induced to do anything! You choose who to be friends with and who to betray, solving each character’s unique stories with guaranteed stuffing in the form of fun quests and puzzles. Each character in this game is fully voiced, and very (have we mentioned that yet?) hot!
House Party is an excellent 3D game with sexy models and a good dose of sarcastic wit. A steady algorithm allows the characters to respond to the wide variety of stimulants and actions you take with them. This game will keep you in constant suspense with multiple storylines and outcomes based on your choices.

If you consider yourself a writer or want to make games, you can create your own story to play in Custom Story Creator (on the Eek! Games website).

Glue together your own story with dialogue, interactions, and thoughtful game logic. Import your stories into the game and share them with other players. It’s really very easy, you don’t even need programming experience. Join the many players who have created their own short quests on the game’s official forum and share YOUR story with them.