Resident Evil: Haunted

If you are fond of thrilling and sexual adventures, you are bound to taste Resident Evil: Haunted. Here you will experience tons of exciting erotic stuff and tense battles.
Jill Valentine, the experienced officer serves in the S.T.A.R.S unit. Today she and the Alpha combat team are sent on a mission to the Arclay Mountains, which are located near Raccoon City.

The brave guys had to discover Bravo detachment missing in these mountains. During the search, the squad of our guys stumbles on Cerberus as well as super-mutant Nemesis.

A battle bursts out in which the commandos suffer losses, but fortunately, they discover an abandoned house, where they decide to hide from the enemy. A beauty with fighters enters the building, but there they are met by crowds of zombies. In an unequal battle, everyone except Jill dies, and the sexy girl is captured by Cerberus and Nemesis. Monsters are sexually hunger, so they take the beautiful body of the girl, but this saves her from death.